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About Us

The International Protection Appeals Tribunal was established in December 2016 in accordance with section 61 of the International Protection Act 2015. The Tribunal is a statutorily independent body and exercises a quasi-judicial function under the International Protection Act 2015. 

The function of the International Protection Appeals Tribunal is to hear and determine appeals on decisions made by the International Protection Officer on applications for protection status in the State. The Tribunal also determines appeals under the International Dublin System Regulations.

Members of the Tribunal and Chairperson's Guidelines

The following is a list of the Members of the Tribunal who are serving:
Member Date of appointment
Hilkka Becker, Solicitor (Chairperson) 31st December 2016
John Stanley, B.L. (Deputy Chairperson) 13th February 2017
Kieran Falvey, B.L. 25th February 2015
Louis Dockery, Solicitor 25th February 2015
Rory de Bruir, B.L. 25th February 2015
Anne Colley, Solicitor 25th February 2015
Olive Brennan, B.L. 25th February 2015
Una McGurk, S.C. 25th February 2015
Kim Walley, Solicitor 25th February 2015
Paul Brennan, Solicitor 18th August 2015
Brian Cusack, B.L. 18th August 2015
Byron Wade, B.L. 18th August 2015
Agnes McKenzie, B.L. 18th August 2015
Ann Marie Courell, B.L. 18th August 2015
Patricia O'Connor, Solicitor 18th August 2015
Caroline Counihan, B.L. 18th August 2015
Marguerite Fitzgerald, Solicitor 18th August 2015
Bernadette McGonigle, Solicitor 14th July 2017
Mark William Murphy, B.L. 14th July 2017
Emma Toal, B.L. 14th July 2017
Shauna Ann Gillan, B.L. 14th July 2017
Mark Byrne, B.L. 14th July 2017
Conor Gallagher, B.L. 14th July 2017
Elizabeth O'Brien, B.L. 14th July 2017
Majella Twomey, B.L. 14th July 2017
Michelle O'Gorman, B.L. 14th July 2017
Margaret Browne 18th September 2017
Frank Caffrey 18th September 2017
Leonora Doyle 18th September 2017
Fiona McMorrow 18th September 2017
John Noonan 18th September 2017
Zeldine O'Brien 18th September 2017
Nicholas Russell 18th September 2017
Simon Brady 18th September 2017
Eoin Byrne 18th September 2017
Rosemary Kingston O'Connell 18th September 2017
Katherine McGillicuddy 18th September 2017
Elizabeth Mitrow 18th September 2017
Patricia O'Sullivan Lacy 18th September 2017
Ciaran White 18th September 2017
Christopher Hughes 20th October 2017
John Buckley 20th October 2017
Moira Shipsey 20th October 2017
Colin Lynch 7th December 2017
Jeanne Boyle 7th December 2017
Finbar O'Connor 7th December 2017
Michael Ramsey 7th December 2017
Stephen Boggs 7th December 2017
Nuala Dockry 7th December 2017
Nuala Egan 7th December 2017
Ciara Fitzgerald 7th December 2017
Kevin Lenahan 7th December 2017
Evelyn Leyden 7th December 2017
Marie Claire Maney 7th December 2017
Michael McGrath 7th December 2017
Cormac Ó Dúlacháin 7th December 2017
Brid O'Flaherty 7th December 2017
Lalita Pillay 7th December 2017
Peter Shanley 7th December 2017
Shaun Smyth 7th December 2017
Elizabeth Davey 7th December 2017
Conor Feeney 7th December 2017
Mary Forde 7th December 2017
Denis Halton 7th December 2017
Conor Keogh 7th December 2017
Paul Kerrigan 7th December 2017
Meg McMahon 7th December 2017
Ciara McKenna 7th December 2017
Clare O'Driscoll 7th December 2017
Helen-Claire O'Hanlon 7th December 2017
Morgan Shelly 7th December 2017
Ger O'Donovan 7th December 2017
Stephen Dixon 7th December 2017
Michael Kinsley 7th December 2017
Niall O'Hanlon 7th December 2017
Folasade Kuti-Olaniyan 7th December 2017

Chairperson's Guidelines


Submitting an Appeal

To submit an appeal to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal, please click on the link below:

Contact the Tribunal

The Offices of the International Protection Appeals Tribunal are located at:

6/7 Hanover Street East

Dublin 2


Tel: +353(0)1 4748400

Lo Call: 1890 201 458

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