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Annual Reports


Strategy Statements

· International Protection Appeals Tribunal Strategy Statement 2017-2020
· Refugee Appeals Tribunal Strategy Statement 2014 - 2017
· Refugee Appeals Tribunal Strategy Statement 2011 - 2013
· Refugee Appeals Tribunal Strategy Statement 2008 - 2010

Customer Service Action Plans

IPAT Customer Service Charter 2017 - 2020

Chairperson's Guidelines

· Guideline 2020-1 Code of Conduct and Rules on Conflict of Interest
· Chairperson's Guidelines to the Registrar
· Guidelines to Medico-Legal Reports
· Guidelines in relation to Appeals from Child Applicants
· Guidance note on Country of Origin Information
· Guidelines in relation to ex-JR appeals (Effect of Order of Certiorari)
· Guidelines in relation to accessing previous archived decisions
· Guidelines on Compelling Grounds
· Guidelines on Adjournments and Postponements
· Guideline 2019-1 on Taking Evidence from Appellants and Other Witnesses

Other Relevant Publications

· Summary of judgments of the Irish Superior Courts relating to decisions of the International Protection Appeals Tribunal
· IPAT Child Safeguarding Statement
· Administrative Practice Note
· AV hearings letter to legal reps (15.02.2021)

Information Notes

1. CJEU judgment regarding the applicability of inadmissibility criteria to persons granted subsidiary protection in another EU Member State (10th December 2020)
2. CJEU judgment regarding labour market access for applicants who are subject to a transfer order under the Dublin III Regulation (14th January 2021)

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